Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Whimsical Birthday Cake

I have to admit that when I was faced with making this cake I was stumped. We were celebrating my mom's 70th birthday, which normally would be a joyful occasion, but my mom has been sick and in the hospital for several weeks, so I was feeling down.

What I really wanted was to make it all better with a cake, but that is obviously unrealistic. So, without being too much of a downer, let's just say I was uninspired.

Basically, I took a look at the colors of fondant that I had on hand, and decided to just wing it without a plan in mind. Thankfully it came together! I didn't want to emphasize her age, but wanted to symbolize it somehow, so that's why there are seven candles. Those were fun and pretty easy to make. My 4 year old nephew said, "Those aren't REAL candles!" But you can't eat real candles! Once I told the kids they could each have a candle, they didn't care if the candles were real or not - they were dessert!

So even if the cake isn't an incredible masterpiece, it helped to put a smile on my mom's face, and that's all that matters.

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