Thursday, December 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Jesus cake

When I first heard about a Happy Birthday Jesus cake years ago I thought it was a neat idea. Then I mentioned it to a friend at church who thought it was super cheesy. Well, heaven forbid if I was going to do something cheesy! 

However, over time I realized that I do a LOT of cheesy stuff and love it! So there. 

Last year I made a cake similar to this one for a client and I loved how it came out so I made a smaller version for our family. I just couldn't bring myself to throw away the baby Jesus figure, so if you come over to my house I can show it to you! Yes, a year later. Still in the fridge, looking not too bad for year-old fondant and buttercream. 
small baby Jesus cake
This year I created one for a luncheon at school. It's really a very simple cake. It just requires some prep a couple days in advance so the fondant can dry. I made the manger on a small bowl - I cut out the shape of the manger using the top of the bowl, then molded the fondant on the upside-down bowl. It had to sit for at least two days to harden enough to keep it's shape, but then you just fill it with buttercream and baby Jesus.
Baby Jesus with eyes
For Jesus, I molded fondant into a cylinder and then shaped the head. I rolled Him up in a fondant swaddling blanket (knowing how to swaddle does come in handy later on in life!, and tada! You could add eyes with edible marker, which I tried, but I think I like the one without better.
The star is easy - it's just a star cookie cutter. I rolled the fondant pretty thick - about 1/4 inch. Then after cutting out the shape, I carefully inserted a dowel, leaving a few inches at the bottom for inserting into the cake. This has to dry for at least a couple days, so it doesn't flop over when upright. 
What I like about this cake it it's so pretty to display for Christmas. It can be used at a formal party or a kid's party.

Oh, and one important note. I made NEW baby Jesus figures this year. I have a feeling that after a few years I might need an extra shelf in the fridge to hold all the old ones. Or be OK throwing them out!